After hours child care

After hours child care

Benefits of In-Home Care for Work at Home Parents

by Channa Van Den Acker

One of the advantages of the modern age is that a lot of jobs can be done remotely. This can be great for parents of young children as it can allow them to go back to work earlier without needing to add a double commute (to child care and then the office). Here are 3 types of families with work-at-home parents that can really benefit from in-home care. 

Breastfeeding mothers

While it is possible to express breastmilk and feed a baby while working in an office, many mother prefer to feed their baby directly. This is often a lot quicker for the mother and baby and can be much simpler. An in-home nanny can bring the baby to the mother when it needs to be fed and then look after the baby between feeds to maximise the time that the mother can spend working and create a less disruptive work day. 

Children (or families) with limited immune response

Daycare centres can be a hotbed of germs and viruses. For children who have a limited immune response, such as kids who have cancer treatment or an organ donation, these bugs can be a serious health risk. In home care limits the amount of contagious diseases they will come in contact with, while still allowing parents to earn some much-needed income. 

In some families, a parent or sibling may be the person with limited immune capacity. It is still useful for the family to use in-home care, as having a child come home who has been in contact with infectious diseases could put the family member with low immunity at risk. 

Rural communities with limited child care access

In some more remote locations of Australia, there may not be reasonable access to day care centres. Hiring a nanny or in-home carer can allow the parents to work at home and focus on their business commitments without needing to drive long distances for child care. In this situation, in home care is also often more cost effective, as it reduces transit costs as well as the lost time taken in transit. 

If you are wondering if hiring an in-home child carer or nanny is right for you, then you should contact a child care agency to discuss your situation. The agency can give you some specific information which can help you to make the right child care choice for you and your family. 


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After hours child care

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