After hours child care

After hours child care

Debunking Common Child Care Myths

by Channa Van Den Acker

Choosing a child care centre can sometimes feel overwhelming. One experience that may not help matters is hearing various myths. Myths and misconceptions can leave you feeling as though you're not making the right choice when childcare is what you need to support you. Understanding the facts behind such myths can make your experience easier.

Children Don't Get Enough Attention

Strict laws govern the number of children who can be present at each child care centre. Providers can't have a child-to-carer ratio that's too high and still operate legally. These laws ensure that your child gets enough attention while they attend their day care centre. Many care centres also keep records that are unique to each child so that they can deliver a highly personalised experience. As a result, your child gets enough attention and they enjoy an experience that's unique to the way they enjoy life.

Children Don't Receive Enough Stimulation

Stimulation comes in lots of different forms and your child will receive plenty of it at the centre you choose. Early learning programs focus on providing stimulation that's suitable for your child's age and development. The programs your early learning centre uses can act as an ideal platform for when they move on to school. Your child will also benefit from socialising with a broad range of children of different ages. Socialising at an early age helps them learn the skills they need to form social bonds. Those skills stay with them for the rest of their lives so that they make friends throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

All Centres Are the Same

Although child care centres have to meet a set of criteria to remain open, many have unique features. This allows you to make a decision that matches your child's and your family's ethos. For example, some may place a particularly strong emphasis on messy and outdoor play. Others might focus on creative arts and different forms of expression. To ensure you find the right centre, it's a good idea to write down what's important to you and what your child enjoys. You can then narrow your options down and discuss your requirements with prospective providers.

Finally, you may also hear that children just play at child care centres and don't really learn anything. Learning is usually incorporated into play so that it's enjoyable and accessible for the children who attend the centres. As a result, they enjoy education in a way that's digestible for them. For more information, contact a child care centre near you.


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After hours child care

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