After hours child care

After hours child care

Here's What to Consider in Your Quest for the Right Daycare Centre

by Channa Van Den Acker

Hunting for the right day care centre for your child?

Like many other working parents, you want the best for your child. Unfortunately, this may sometimes mean having to leave your little one under someone else's care as you report to work. Finding someone you can trust with your child can be a daunting task. But if you know what to look for, finding the right day care facility for your child shouldn't be difficult. 

Here are some tips on what to consider when comparing day care services. 

The Kind of Service You Need

Before embarking on the quest for the best childcare facility for you, it is important to first determine why you are seeking out help. This will help to narrow down your search to the right kind of service. 

If you need someone to look after your child for a few hours as you run errands, occasional care service may be the best choice for you. But if you want your child to get started with their education, long day care may be the right option for you. Make sure you ask about the kind of curriculum that is offered at a day care centre. A good curriculum should be designed to promote the overall growth and development of your child.

At the very least, it should include reading sessions, individual activities, group activities, meal time and physical activity.

The Location of the Day Care Facility

If you'll be dropping off and picking up your child from a childcare facility yourself, then you need to think about the location of the facility.

Whenever possible, choose a facility that is centrally located between your home and workplace. This way, you can drop off your child at the facility on your way to work and pick them up on your way back home.

The Physical Environment

A good day care centre should be spacious, clean and well-organised. Small children tend to be carefree while playing, so they need plenty of space to play safely. Plus, children are more vulnerable to disease and infection than adults, so it is important to make sure the place they will be spending their time is clean and sanitary.

Consider paying an impromptu visit to various childcare facilities to see how the physical environment typically looks like on normal working days. This will help to give you an idea of the conditions under which your child will be cared for.

Choosing a day care centre for your child is a big decision, so you shouldn't rush things. Check out a range of childcare facilities in your local area, compare the services and choose a facility that's best for you and your child


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After hours child care

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