After hours child care

After hours child care

4 Types of Skills Your Child Will Learn While in a Child Care Facility

by Channa Van Den Acker

Children learn a lot during their first three years of childhood. However, some skills can only get sharpened when you enrol them in a preschool. As their attention grows, their language skills and memory also need to develop. Similarly, their level of sophistication and socialising should also increase. For this reason, enrol your child in a preschool so that they learn new things and discover various skills they can depend on or use later in their life. Enrolling your child in a preschool will help them learn the following skills.


Enrolling your child in a preschool allows them to learn and identify various shapes. For example, they are able to differentiate a triangle from a circle. Similarly, they also learn how to use numbers when counting well as well as know various sequences and patterns. Additionally, the math skills they gain help them in classifying and sorting out various objects. For instance, they will know how to group or categorise items based on their sizes or colours.


Before joining preschool, most children can hardly read anything. However, when they enrol in a preschool, they gain some good reading skills. Besides learning how to read, kids in preschool are also trained on how they should properly hold a book while turning its pages. Similarly, they also understand that words are essential as every message in a story gets conveyed by words. As the kids gain some more reading skills, they develop more passion and love to read books with their friends. They also want to know the main characters in their favourite storybooks.


When you take your kid to a preschool, they will learn various language skills. For instance, they will learn how they can describe something, greet someone and the various ways they can use when making requests. Similarly, your child will know how to speak and convey information or message more fluently. Also, your child will learn how to apply adjectives, verbs and nouns in familiar contexts as well as narrate stories.


When you notice that your child can initiate and maintain independent plays, such as playing alone in the sandbox, you should enrol them in a preschool. While at preschool, kids learn how to make new friends and participate in various group activities. Similarly, they will know how they can convey their needs and express their emotions effectively.

When you enrol your child in a preschool, they will learn not only math skills but also skills that will help them socialise with their teachers and other kids more easily. Similarly, they will be able to read and communicate more clearly. The skills that they learn in a preschool help them in various aspects as they grow.


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After hours child care

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