After hours child care

After hours child care

4 Tips To Help You Choose A Child Care Centre

by Channa Van Den Acker

Enrolling your kid in a childcare centre is one of the best decisions you will make. However, similar to other parents, you could be in a dilemma over which childcare centre to take your child to. The article below solves this predicament by providing some tips on how to choose a childcare centre. 

Tip 1: Type Of Childcare

In Australia, childcare centres are categorised into: 

  • Family daycare: Parents take their kids to the service provider's home. In most cases, your child will learn communication and life skills at the facility. Besides, they will engage in children's games to help them develop motor skills and their talents.
  • Long daycares: They aim to provide day-long child care to kids. These facilities will have a formal program that could include arithmetic and language lessons.
  • Kindergarten or preschool: They ensure children have an easy time transitioning into formal schooling.
  • Playschools: It is an arrangement where parents take their kids to play for several hours every week. It helps your child develop socialisation and communication skills.  

Each of these childcare centres is regulated by the government. Therefore, you must ensure that the facility and childcare providers have the required licencing and accreditations. 

Tip 2: Age Of Your Child

When looking for a childcare centre, it is vital to inquire about the ages of children at the facility. For instance, if a long daycare only admits children above three years, you could opt to take them to a family daycare before they reach the required age. Additionally, check whether the facility categorises the kids according to their ages. Remember, a five-year-old is better suited to socialise and learn with children of their age as opposed to kids younger than them. 

Tip 3: Program Of The Childcare Centre

Each childcare centre will have a unique program. It enables the facility to have a unique selling point and market itself to potential clients. For instance, some centres will be inclined towards helping kids develop their artistic skills, while others will focus on academic material. Facilities affiliated with a specific religion or culture will impart your child with the value system of that religion or culture. 

Tip 4: Policies Of The Childcare Centre

The centre's policies will inform you how the institution relates with parents and how well your child will integrate. For instance, inquire about restricted clothing and the child drop off and pick up policy. Besides, ask how the facility takes care of children who fall ill while at the centre. 

When choosing a childcare centre, determine the type of centre you need, the age of your child, the centre's program, and policies.  


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After hours child care

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