After hours child care

After hours child care

  • Looking for a Child Carer? 3 Qualities That Must Exist for Childcare Relationships to Flourish

    Balancing the demand of childcare and a career can be very difficult for a working parent. The thing to remember when setting up childcare is that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to it; families are different, and so are their childcare needs. This article highlights three important qualities that parents must find in child care providers in order to create a stable and safe environment for the child in their absence.

  • How to Choose the Best Childcare Option for Your Family

    When it comes to childcare, you want to find an individual or a facility that works well for your child, and for you. Price alone shouldn't be the determining factor in choosing such a person or childcare centre, as it can be worth a steeper cost for childcare if it means you and your child are both happy with that everyday care. To ensure you find a person or a company that would work well for you and your child, note a few tips to keep in mind even before you begin shopping around.

  • Fun Ways to Teach a Child the Alphabet

    Learning the alphabet is the foundation of being able to read and write, but it's a real challenge for small children. Although they'll eventually learn it in school, if your child can get a head start on remembering their ABCs, it can really give them a boost in their education. The trouble for most parents is that it's a surprisingly difficult thing to achieve. As an adult, you most likely take your alphabetical ability for granted, and it's impossible to remember what it was like to learn your letters.

  • Benefits of In-Home Care for Work at Home Parents

    One of the advantages of the modern age is that a lot of jobs can be done remotely. This can be great for parents of young children as it can allow them to go back to work earlier without needing to add a double commute (to child care and then the office). Here are 3 types of families with work-at-home parents that can really benefit from in-home care.  Breastfeeding mothers

  • Child care options for sick kids

    While parents would love to stay home with their ill children, sometimes it simply is not possible. Whether you don't have any sick days left, you can't get any coverage at work or you just need the money, sometimes you need to attend work while your child can't go into their normal child care situation. Here are some options.  The 'get well' room Some child care centres have a room where you can send children who are no longer very sick but cannot yet head back into the main room as they are low in energy or still in the exclusion period.

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    After hours child care

    I work as a nurse, and I'm separated from my husband, so it's quite complicated for us to work out child care sometimes. We have an family child care centre down the road that is amazing and does so much to keep our family ticking when we need child care out of hours. I know I'm not the only one who needs flexibility in child care, and I know that a lot of other parents are also struggling with the juggle of managing child care out of the normal opening hours of a centre. This blog is a place to share ideas and solutions we have worked out, with each other.